Exact PipeCut 220 INOX

SKU: EX220

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New Exact PipeCut INOX 220 is portable and handy tool for stainless steel and acid-resistant pipe cutting. The set-up is fast and simple. Clean and user-friendly design makes it easy to mount on pipe sizes 0.8″ – 8.7″ and up with a maximum wall thickness of 0.5″.
● Pipe cutting capacity: 0.8″ to 8.7″ (20mm – 220mm)
● Blade diameter: 140mm (5.51”)
● Current: 15 Amps (110-120 V)
● Max wall thickness: 0.49″ (12.5 mm) Stainless Steel
● No-load speed: I (low) = 1900/min, II (high) = 2885 /min


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