Lockformer Dual-Head Gorelocker


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The ISM Machinery Gore-Max 1.5 Plus Gorelocker for HVAC Round Duct Elbows, Reducers, End-Caps, and Off-Sets is not only operator friendly, but also provides the power to fabricate quality standing seam fittings in-house in a single-machine. On a single machine platform, the Gore-Max 1.5 Plus offers the ability to flange/swage on one end, while simultaneously closing the seam at the other end. The Gore-Max 1.5 Plus allows operators to modify controls when flanging/swaging, providing complete control of production speeds. After closing on the second station and creating a standing seam, the Gore-Max 1.5 Plus delivers an airtight seal, eliminating the need for sealing or painting. Using minimal power and floor space, the Gore-Max 1.5 Plus handles a variety of materials and thicknesses – up to 16 gauge (1.5mm) – to produce standing rib diameters from 4″ to 60″ (100 1500mm) with included tooling and can produce standing rib diameters from 4″ and 50″- 60″ with additional tooling. Added features of pneumatic-activated support rollers and a stronger closing station make the Gore-Max Plus 1.5 safer and easier for the operator to remove parts.


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