Iowa Precision Dual Head Cornermatic/Whisperloc Combo


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The CORNERMATIC II® ~ WHISPER-LOC® COMBO is a unique, innovative machine that not only inserts and crimps corners into both ends of ductwork but closes longitudinal Pittsburgh seams on the same ductwork when required. This design allows the operator to accomplish both corner insertion and seam closing on one machine without having to handle the ductwork between processes. The corner insertion is a pneumatically operated process that rapidly and automatically inserts and crimps corners into both ends of ductwork that uses the TDC® or TDF® method of joining. This unit automatically places a corner piece into a corner on each end of the duct and crimps them securely and permanently into place. The seam closing is powered by an electric motor and gearbox using a Variable Frequency Drive. It will accommodate duct with various end joining methods. It will close the Pittsburgh seam as well as insert corners on any ductwork that uses the duct flanges conforming to T25-a or T25-b under the Duct Construction Standards. It will also close the Pittsburgh seam on ductwork that uses the raw edge or slip and drive method. The CORNERMATIC II® ~ WHISPER-LOC® COMBO requires only compressed air and 460/3/60 current to operate. Corner Requirements:This model requires TDC®/TDF® corners that are specially made for this machine. No other corners are guaranteed to work in this machine. Customer to specify between standard boxed corners or new cardboard sleeved corners. The CORNERMATIC II® ~ WHISPER-LOC® COMBO machine will operate with all widely available Cornermatic®-type corners and with Mestek Machinery’s revolutionary EZ Connector® corners for “C” and “F” flanges. If you acquire Cornermatic® brand corners from Ductmate, DuroDyne, CL Ward or Mestek Machinery, they will come either (i) oriented and stacked in the shipping carton (250 corners per carton) for quick and easy loading into the 80 corner magazines feeding the top and bottom crimping heads, or (ii) in the NEW StrapPak™ – 80 corners in a double-strapped package (five (5) packages per carton) to be quickly loaded into the magazine directly from the shipping carton. The StrapPak™ eliminates the need to sort and orient the corners before installation. Other suppliers of Cornermatic®-type corners will not have this unique, time-saving feature. CORNERMATIC II® ~ WHISPER-LOC® COMBO machines built after June, 2016 have a metal sleeve affixed to accept the strapped corners. Those built before that date can be retro-fitted with a free metal sleeve. Ductmate, DuroDyne, CL Ward and Mestek Machinery also can supply a ”Universal” corner – useable in all TDC® and TDF® flanges. The “Universal” corner has narrower legs and a wider mouth to assist crimping in heavier gages when the flange or Pittsburgh may be distorted. These same “Universal” corners are available for the Mestek Machinery CORNERMATICPLUS® machines. Genuine Cornermatic® and EZ Connector® corners and LOCKFORMER TDC® and TDF® machines and Pittsburgh roll formers will yield the best results in producing fittings conforming to SMACNA’s Duct Construction Standards®.


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