Schlebach Quadro Plus standing seam rollforming system


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Schlebach Quadro Plus standing seam rollforming system. Owners of the Quadro-Plus Rollformer know something they can take to the bank every day this machine positions them to compete for any job, anytime, anywhere. The most advanced portable rollforming system in the world, Quadro-Plus combines the best aspects of German engineering and American markey savvy. The engineers at Schlebach initially designed a top-quality single-profile rollformer, but the team at MetalForming Inc. knew that to meet the needs of American metal roofing contractors, they needed a machine that could produce different roof panel profiles quickly and efficiently, in a factory or out on a job site. The result was the Quadro-Plus. It makes more profiles (soffit, nail strip, snap seam, mechanical lock) than any other product, with compressed changeover times of 30 seconds to 10 minutes. The Quadro-Plus is the only machine of its kind in the world with instant changeover from one profile to another by simply rotating tooling cassettes, which is why it became a bestseller overnight. It does more than any other machine of its kind in terms of the huge variety of profiles (11), the variety of accessories you can add, the versatility it has for running starter panels and its portability. Also, the Quadro has more UL testing than any portable standing machine in the industry.

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Features include front AK notcher RBM 50 RMB 25.38 spider seamer


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