Exact PipeCut V1000 System

SKU: EXV1000

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Exact Pipe Cut V1000 offers ease of use and a huge size range for cutting spiral ducts. The cut ends are straight and ready to be connected. As an optional extra, we have special pipe supports for V1000 that can hold spiral ducts from 3″ to 40″.

Standard equipment:
● PipeCut Bag 1
● Exact PipeCut V1000 pipe saw
● Operating instructions
● Hex socket key 5 mm fitted to the machine
● Cermet V155 blade fitted to the machine

● Pipe cutting capacity: 3” to 40” (75mm – 1000mm)
● Blade diameter: 155mm (6.1”)
● Max wall thickness: 0.06” (1.5mm), 0.23” (6mm) Seam
● Current: 8.4 Amps (110-120 V)


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