Lockformer Pittsburgh Lock Model 14


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The Pittsburgh lock revolutionized the HVAC industry in the late 1940’s and is still used today for its strength and ease in assembling ductwork. And for nearly that long, the Lockformer Pittsburgh Lock Roll Formers have set the standard for product quality and performance. The Lockformer Pittsburgh Lock Roll Former | Model 14 has a capacity of 14–16 gauge at a speed of up to 35 feet/minute and features seven (7) forming stations with two (2) forming positions — one inboard forming position forms the Pittsburgh lock and one auxiliary or outboard forming position has the capability of forming 1 of 8 different profiles depending on which auxiliary roll set is ordered. ● Capacity: 14–16 gauge ● Depth of Pocket / Size: 1/2″ / Uses approximately 1-3/8″ of material ● Other: Width of hammer-over edge adjustable up to 3/8″. Extended shafts for mounting auxiliary rolls. ● Speed: 35 feet per minute ● Motor / Voltage: 5 hp, 230/460 volts, 60 cycle, 3 phase, A.C. 1,800 RPM.


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