Iowa Precision Cornermatic Versa Plus


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The Cornermatic Plus Versa is the most flexible unit for production available. The Versa is installed with the capability of sitting on your workshop floor or in-ground, allowing for greater flexibility during production. Raising and lowering takes a simple button press that triggers the extension or retraction of a heavy duty hydraulic scissor lift. Using the Versa in-ground is beneficial for projects involving large duct and heavier gauge fittings, while the above-ground position is ideal for fitting production. The Cornermatic Plus inserts corners in off-set fittings without needing a secondary ‘straight’ at the flange, No other corner-inserting machine can do this!

  • Adjustable Versa is designed to fabricate large and small duct fittings in one machine – including tough inside or outside angle off-set transition fittings
  • Set the Cornermatic PLUS® VERSA at floor level and slide over large duct sections and fittings to automatically insert the corners
  • With Pushbutton control, move the Cornermatic PLUS® VERSA up to operator friendly table height when fabricating small fittings
  • Access acute throats to automatically insert all 8 corner
  • StrapPak™ packaging technology enables faster loading of the new ‘Universal’ corner, or conventional TDC/TDF type corners
  • Corners are fed from a clean & unobstructed area below the work surface
  • Capable of handling tight square throat elbows and flex connectors
  • Pre-set to handle SMACNA-conforming T25-a and T25-b flanged duct systems
  • Three version available, in addition to the Cornermatic PLUS® VERSA, there is the original table mounted, Cornermatic PLUS®, or floor level, Cornermatic PLUS® InGround, that operates “in-floor” for better integration with the workshop environment with large ducts