Rollformer UH-36 Universal Hemmingmachine with Quick Change Tooling


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Rollformers Universal Hemming (UH) machines are real time savers to your production requirements allowing you to form Hems, Hem & Kick, and Pipe Lock for commercial down spouting.

These machines offer dual-sided hemming with ½” flat hem or tear drop hem and the Hem & Kick with a 5/8″ Kick Out with ½” Hem tooling included in the base machine. Built with symmetrically designed tooling to have your profile forming on the top or the bottom of the coil. Interchange the tooling, i.e., form Flat Hem on one side and Kick Out w/ Hem on the other. AC Drive Motor System, adjustable material width from 8″ to 36″, variable to 80 FPM speed, 220 Volt 3 Phase power. Maximum Capacities 22 gauge Steel, .040″ Aluminum.

  • AC Drive Motor – variable to 80 FPM
  • 220 Volt 3 Phase Power
  • Sheet Fed / No Shear
  • 8″ to 36″ Coil Stock Width
  • 22 – 29 gauge Painted Steel
  • .032-.040 Painted Aluminum


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