Flagler 20ga Pittsburgh


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The Flagler 20ga standard Pittsburgh rollformer is ideal for small to medium sized sheet metal contractors or for fitting departments of large manufactures. This machine features hardened feed gauges and 3 piece shaft/roll/gear design. Capacity: 20 to 26 gauge. Depth of Pocket: 5/16″. Built in Pittsburgh Lock Rolls. Uses approximately 1″ of material. Extended Shafts: For 1 set of Aux Tooling. Speed: Approximately 23 feet per minute. Motor: 3/4 HP 115/1/60/1800 RPM . Drive: Vee Belt. Base: Arc Welded Steel. Heavy top plate. Dimensions: 36″ long, 16″ 1/2″ wide, 37″ high Feed table height 32 5/8″ Shipping Weight: Approximately 320 pounds. Auxiliary Tooling Available 3/8” Double Seam Rolls 1 1/8” Drive Cleat Rolls 3/8” Right Angle Flange


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