Iowa Precision Pro-Ductomatic Front End Coil Line


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The Pro-Ductomatic Residential Coil Line System includes the following features:

● Soft start motors for long life
● Mandrel type uncoiler in 10,000 lbs capacity with traversing coil car
● Industrial designed solid block die construction for a 25 year die life.
● The industry’s toughest and most stable frames. Structured steel tube construction-maintaining structural strength will allow
● accessibility for maintenance, clean up and service.
● In-line crossbrake roller for complete residential duct sections coming off the coil line
● Full width contact feed rolls for positive accurate movement
● Engineered with heavy-duty left/right synchronization to stabilize cutting action and give the lowest moving mass, thereby reducing shock and vibration during the cutting stroke
● Quiet operating system with a sound level less than 67 DB
● Shear head squaring system designed for tool free adjustment
● Transfer tables, roll formers, and L-brake arranged for U- or L- line configuration
● State of the art control designed, manufactured and serviced by Iowa Precision
● Industrial, solid-state PLC touch screen operating system controller with storage recall
● Remote self-diagnostics


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