30-000PT Offset Snaplock


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Flagler High Speed 20ga button lock.

Technical Information:

  • Capacity: 20 to 30 gauge
  • Depth of Pocket: 1/2 in pocket
  • Speed: approx. 100 feet per minute
  • Motor: 5 HP / 1800 RPM
  • Drive: double matched vee belt
  • Base: arc welded steel, heavy top plate
  • Dimensions: 68″ Long x 24″ Wide x 42″ High, Feed table height 35-1/8″
  • Shipping Weight: approx. 1,000 pounds


Standard equipped with exclusive dial adjustment for instant changing for all gauges 20-30 split shear roll assembly on male button lock can be reshapened and features multiple keyways for new shear points replaceable toll bits for the male button lock. Profiles: inboard and outboard.


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