133898 Akyapak AKBEND 4-Roll Bending Roll

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Pre-Owned Akyapak AKBEND Hydraulic4-Roll Bending Roll, Model AHS30/06-Special 2015 Features:
  • Machine frame is fabricated from high strength (ST-52grade) steel construction
  • Hydraulic drive on top and lower rolls via hydraulic motors and planetary gear reducers, one for each roll
  • Dual rotation speed, controlled by selector switch on control console
  • Independent hydraulic adjustment of the pinch and side rolls
  • Digital readouts (2) for indicating position of the two side rolls
  • Induction hardened rolls 52-55 Rockwell C
  • Cone bending attachment
  • Parallel adjustment of the lower rolls by push button control
  • Spherical roller bearings on all journals
  • Hydraulic drop end
  • Top roll elevating cylinder lifts top roll for ease of removing rolled part
  • Special attachment to pre-crown the top roll, permitting the use of a smaller top roll to roll your material to the required small diameters. Hydraulic pressure adjustment for the top roll crowning cylinders is by independently adjusted pressure control.
  • Remote console on wheels with push buttons for rail functions Complete electrical equipment including emergency stops and safety cable
  • Electrics for 3/60/220V or 3/60/460V
  • Hydraulic oil, tool kit, instruction manual
  Technical Data:
  • Capacities in carbon (mild) steel with 36,000 PSI yield strength:  Pre-bending capacity – 10’x12g. to 6″ID
  • Capacities in stainless steel Type 304/316L:   Pre-bending capacity – 5’x12ga to 6″ID.
  • Top roll diameter – Special roll material – 5″
  • Lower roll diameter – 8.2″ Side roll diameters – 7.4″ Rolling Speed – Two speed – 3713′ per/minute
  • Machine Weight – Approximately 12,000Lbs


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